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November 08, 2009


Sean O'Connor

Great post, Ellen. I came to it by way of the NG Geography Awareness Week blog-a-thon. I'm a fellow Rhode Islander (although I live in Washington DC and work with National Geographic Education) who also takes annual summer retreats to the maritime provinces. I have family roots on PEI and head up there every summer I can. Perhaps next time, a side trip to Grand Manan would be a worthy venture. Take care!

Ellen Thompson

Thanks Sean!
My family has a summer home in Waterside, NB, just east of Fundy National Park on the Rt.915 coastal road. We've been to GM twice and just love it!


Sounds lovely! I'll have to add this to my list of vacation destinations.

On a related note, we will also focus on the New England area for our NG Geography Awareness Week blog. Look for it on Friday.

mj munroe

Great job, Ellen. As you know I'm a fan of Grand Manan also- Maybe a good spot for a New England Alliance meeting?
MJ Munroe

Ellen Thompson

Globaldata: Looking forward to Friday's blog focusing on New England!

Ellen Thompson

MJ: Wouldn't that be great to have a regional meeting on Grand Manan - perfect!

holyland tours

Thank you, that was interesting post to read. I always i search for great vacation sites on the Internet, and I think Grand Manan Island is worth a visit. I love quiet and green locations, especially if the sea is near by.

Ellen Thompson

I hope you are able to go sometime. I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed.

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